Every year in May Women Everywhere comes together to participate in the Educational Program. Over 400 girls participate in the program each year by attending one of the many tours offered.

The Educational Program places girls in the court system to interact with judges, bailiffs, court reporters, lawyers and other court personnel. The high-school age girls are led in groups by attorneys to different courtrooms throughout the city.

In the past, girls have attended evicition court to watch landlords and tenants haggle over unpaid rents or other housing problems. They have been educated in parentage court about child support and visitation issues. Other girls have viewed adoptions taking place and learned about parental rights. One group had the voting process demonstrated for them and girls went into voting booths to cast votes and learn about chads. Previously, one of the most popular tours is the criminal court. Girls have met with judges, lawyers, jailers, truant officers and parole officers at 26th & California.

The Educational Program is always looking for attorneys to lead tours and for attorneys to create an interesting day for the girls based on their expertise in a particular area of law.

Appellate Court Tour

Criminal Court Tour

Daley Center Tour

Federal Court Tour

Juvenile Court Tour

Domestic Violence Tour

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